Platform4Dialogue provides a unique opportunity for peacebuilders, civil society and other institutions working within the NGO and charity sector to talk, think and work together from anywhere in the world.  These online consultations have helped stakeholders from all sectors to inform and gain insight into activities, policy discussions and development agendas, while generating new partnerships.

Holding a consultation on Platform4Dialogue allows stakeholders to participate and provide their insight, and to add their expertise to the global landscape. Past consultation topics have included the youth-led peacebuilding, aid exits, atrocity prevention, identity-based violence, locally led development and internal organisational strategy discussions. Host organisations have also used perspectives shared in consultations to inform their research and contribute to reports and publications.


How it Works

Platform4Dialogue hosts time-limited consultations that typically last three days. Platform4Dialogue consultations are text-based discussions, which are asynchronous. Participants are therefore not required to be present at the same time, and can login at any point throughout the day, catch up on the discussion and make their own contributions from anywhere in the world. Participants can automatically translate comments into their preferred language, choosing from the following when setting up their profile:  English, French, Spanish and Arabic. We can always work with you to extend to other languages if required.



Platform4Dialogue builds on many features that users are familiar with from social media to messaging apps.  It has been designed to be as intuitive, inclusive and accessible as possible to users of all technical skill levels. Platform4Dialogue is accessible by PC Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.  



We recommend around 100-150 participants per consultation. With the help of our experienced team, hosts invite participants that you would like to contribute to the consultation. Or our team can also assist you with finding participants from our networks.


Time Periods

Like a conference, Platform4Dialogue consultations typically take place over a period of 1-3 days.  Each consultation is broken down into “sessions” each of which usually lasts 24 hours. At the end of the consultation the discussions will be locked to new comment, however participants will be able to continue to login to the consultation and view the discussion. 



In each session there are several discussion threads which are framed by the outline of the discussion and poses questions to participants. This is participants space to post comments, ask questions, share knowledge and tap into community resources. Participants can also respond anonymously, edit their responses, directly reply to any comments, and ‘Like’ favourite comments and discussions.


Network and Community

Platform4Dialogue consultations provide excellent networking and business opportunities, just like a conference. Platform4Dialogue allows participants and hosts to connect with and direct message each other. All participants are asked to make a profile on Platform4Dialogue, which allow participants to share more information about themselves, where they work, and about their expertise and interests. Participants can also link Twitter and LinkedIn to their profile.



Our experienced Platform4Dialogue team can assist you with all stages of planning and hosting your consultation. We will be on hand to provide technical support throughout the consultation process. We can support on a range on needs, such as: providing moderation support, assisting in the development of content, finding the participants, and creating a short summary report based on the consultation.