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Created by Peace Direct, Platform4Dialogue is a safe and borderless digital environment for organisations to exchange ideas, facilitate discussions and develop agendas.

We bring people together to collaborate and create solutions.

Platform4Dialogue was established to help bring together local peacebuilders and civil society to communicate during times of urgency and uncertainty. Our unique digital solution is built on the principles of positive dialogue and idea-sharing.

Whether you are a practitioner, educator, humanitarian, we can open up opportunities for collaboration, informed conversation and shared knowledge - the pathway to peacebuilding and solutions.

Meet our custom-built digital platform

Start a global conversation, track emerging trends and share knowledge. You can make a difference using Platform4Dialogue’s bespoke solutions.

A global consultation for the digital world

Any time, any where

Platform4Dialogue removes the constraints of physical borders, resource limitations and travel restrictions that can keep people and communities apart. Consultations are time-limited, text-based discussions and asynchronous, so participants can login at any point from anywhere in the world.

Translation and accessibility

Realtime, automatic translation of discussions to and from French, Spanish, Arabic and English, and other languages can be made available on request. The platform operates in low bandwidth environments and builds on a range of social media and messaging apps, so is easy and familiar to use.

Focused discussions

Consultations usually last up to three days and contain several threads or topics relating to the wider discussion. This allows participants to post comments, ask questions, share knowledge and tap into community resources.

Backed by Peace Direct

For over 15 years, Peace Direct has been one of the world’s leading voices on local peacebuilding. We can provide a vital network that connects you with peacebuilders, international actors and organisations for your consultation.

Safe and secure

Protecting your data and online safety is fundamental to our platform. And as dialogue content may be sensitive, participants can also contribute to a consultation anonymously.

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Featured discussions

US Policy to Prevent Global Conflict: Local Peacebuilders Consultation

A two-day online consultation to share perspectives and recommendations on how the United States government can develop more effective strategies to help prevent violent conflict and build peace.

Reflecting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

This three-day online consultation forms part of the 2020 review of the UN peacebuilding architecture and offers peacebuilders from across the globe an opportunity to contribute their views and experiences, and to reflect on the work of the UN in support of building and sustaining peace.

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