About Platform4Dialogue

Platform4Dialogue encourages, enables and supports inclusive online dialogue for practitioners, professionals and peacebuilders on a range of issues. Platform4Dialogue is a web solution that facilitates collaboration, learning and exchange in a way that does not require people to occupy the same space and time.

Created by Peace Direct, Platform4Dialogue began as a way for us to communicate and support local peacebuilders in times of urgency. We needed a solution that transcended borders to support local partners, peacebuilders and civil society to explore emergent challenges to peace. Platform4Dialogue became this much-needed space to create peacebuilding innovations by producing this online conversation and consultation.

Platform4Dialogue has rapidly evolved into a widely-used platform by peacebuilders, civil society and international organisations. Platform4Dialogue has hosted and supported online consultations to help organisation inform and gain insight into organisational activities, policy discussions and development agendas, while generating new partnerships. 


Why Platform4Dialogue?

Online tools and digital innovation bring new opportunities for collaboration, learning and exchange where physical borders, resource constraints and travel limitations keep people and communities apart.

Platform4Dialogue enables people and organisations to connect, collaborate and exchange to better generate, implement and scale their own solutions and processes.  Platform4Dialogue enables you to rapidly respond to trends shaping our world, while promoting an intercultural dialogue in a safe, affordable, accessible and inclusive way. Civil society, government, policy makers, INGOs, charities and peacebuilders have used Platform4Dialogue, benefiting from the real breadth of viewpoints and conversations on a variety of topics.